Cameron Forth's Platform
Represents “We the People”, NOT insider Elites and the government machine
Part of the reason our local systems are struggling stems from the corruption by legislators. Laws are being passed and implemented with no real benefit to our community, serving only the government that created them, government officials, and/or corporations. One current example of the government serving itself is the cigarette tax being proposed for next year.

This HUGE tax increase on cigarettes would generate more government revenue to be used for “tobacco education” for the public which essentially, is public social engineering. Although cigarette smoking is clearly an unhealthy activity, it's not the job of government to teach people how to behave. Do you see the slippery slope? These “tax and teach” programs not only violate the Tabor law, they lead to people's dependency on government, indoctrinating the public with government agendas and damage to the economy due to taxation. In this case, this law would also punish smokers, many times people with addiction problems, sometimes struggling financially anyway.

Leave it the medical professionals, families, churches and other private entities to inform the public about smoking. The private sector has played a huge role in smoking awareness and decrease in smoking over the past ten years or so. No more government “tax and teach” programs to sustain and expand its reach into our minds and pocketbooks!

Stands for local management of police and fire departments, NOT federalization
Colorado Springs is blessed with possibly the best police and fire departments in the country. Our courageous and skillful public servants must have the freedom to respond and adapt to the particular, unique needs of the citizens of Colorado Springs, unencumbered by federal (and sometimes state) laws, mandates and personnel often unfamiliar with the people and circumstances of our city. They're even being affected by international, U.N. policies to some degree! I trust our sheriff, other locally elected officials, and the officers and firefighters themselves to make safety plans and help in times of need. History teaches that extensive federal police forces go hand-in-hand with oppressive governments, fascist and communist alike. It's critical for a safe future to support our Constitutional peace officers and other public servants who recognize ALL of our rights! I would like to start a private campaign to support our local police through business discounts, similar to existing programs for vets and active duty military. This community support would show our appreciation and allegiance to those who risk it all.

Fights for better jobs and YOUR prosperity
While availability of government jobs have increased in number under Democratic legislators, quality private-sector jobs have decreased. Why is it important to reverse this trend? Because private-sector businesses create more wealth for more people across the board. Many levels of government are operating with huge debt, and given the direction of the overall economy, many government jobs will be unsustainable in the future. What is sustainable? The development of LOCAL economy and resources to guard against the inevitable pullback of our economy. Cut the red tape on business-start up, minimize the influence of agencies like the FDA and EPA, and get free of agendas like we see with the national Chamber of Commerce! Our government was never intended to merge with our economy as it has through the Federal Reserve and “Bail Out” system we've adopted. A “managed” economy is in direct opposition to the prosperity of “We the People”, in fact, it's stacked against us for the benefit of the insiders, just like any socialist economy under communism. It's time people had a chance to start building generational wealth again without government intrusion!

Will fight for affordable QUALITY healthcare
When healthcare businesses, from insurance companies to private practices, compete with varieties of models, options, and innovative practices, YOU win. Costs in healthcare would go down in a free-market, less-regulated, less-litigious healthcare system. The Democrats and some sold-out Republicans want a single-payer system in CO as seen in Amendment 69. Government control of healthcare is dangerous and irresponsible. It leads to undertreated patients, unfairburdens on taxpayers, violations of religious beliefs in some cases, less incentive for innovation, and ultimately, eugenics. A clear case of eugenics inherent in government healthcare was seen in Nazi Germany prior to the “Final Solution” as state doctors let old Germans die, euthanized the mentally ill or disabled, and selectively gave quality healthcare to those who fit their agenda. Considering there's a virulent anti-human strain in our current government, this kind of destruction through healthcare could happen in America, and it could happen through the agenda of Globalism, a seemingly positive concept with very dark underpinnings. As a representative, I would fight to keep your control over YOUR healthcare while finding local solutions to those in Colorado Springs that need financial help to get quality healthcare.

Fight for outlawing GMOs

Supports PRO-AMERICAN military intervention, not wars of special interests

Fight for 2nd Amendment Rights

Protect freedom of speech, the press, and religion

Values local control of Education

Pro Life. Voted "Yes" on Amendment 62, the "Personhood" amendment

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