About Cameron Forth

Young Cameron

Cameron was rooted in the Springs through his family's Air Force service. He attended High Plains Elementary and Challenger Middle Schools. During these early years, Cameron developed a deep appreciation of the Colorado backcountry as his parents and siblings were avid hikers. Sharing their passion for the outdoors, Cameron became involved in Boy Scouts, eventually achieving the rank of Eagle Scout. He learned self-reliance, a healthy work ethic, and leadership skills through his Boy Scouts experience.

At Rampart High School, he began answering the call to leadership. He was a leader on the soccer team, starred in school stage productions, and served as Senior Class President. In addition to these extracurricular activities, Cameron was a committed student and graduated ranked #7 of 307 students in overall GPA.


Cameron attended CU Boulder on scholarship through the military's ROTC program. He studied civil engineering and earned a B.S. in Civil Engineering in 1997. While at CU Boulder, he earned a varsity letter from the athletic department for his acrobatic fieldwork as the school's mascot “Chip”! Go Buffs!

The Air Force Years

Cameron served as both a USAF Program Engineer and USAF Analyst. He managed the installation of a $62 million dollar communications system at seven command centers worldwide. Along with management of this project, he performed site surveys and test engineered the system both in the lab and on- site. Overall, he ensured optimal functioning of the system through the course of installation.

Other notable projects include the analysis of 40 USAF programs for Department of Defense compliance, the design and execution of operational test for major air traffic control system, the management of operational test for primary Department of Defense communication system, and the development of an emergency action message system as a “Subject Matter Expert”.

Professional Life

Following his USAF service, Cameron became a brewer for Grand Teton Brewing Company in Teton Valley, Idaho, following his passion for craft brewing. Within a year, he was also starting his career in land surveying with a local company headquartered in Jackson, Wyoming. Through years of gaining the surveying experience required for licensure, he became a leader in field surveying, practicing his “start to finish” model to the extraordinary benefit of his employers. He is now licensed in Colorado and Arizona and surveys for Clark Land Surveying of Colorado Springs.

Volunteer Service

While employed as a brewer, Cameron volunteered at an up-start organic farm in Victor, Idaho. He helped cultivate crops and distribute them to community shareholders. This farming model fit his belief in self-sufficiency and local food production. He was given a community award for his consistency and hard work over the course of the successful season.

A few years later, Cameron travelled with Engineering Ministries International to the African country of Burkina Faso to survey the site of a Christian university (Light of Hope University). With his team, he surveyed 1,100 acres in a rural area of farmers and villagers. This project was part of a plan to create the largest Christian university in west Africa.


Cameron has been married to his wife Kate for 11 years, and they have four amazing children, William, Nicola, Charlie, and Peter. Kate grew up in Waterloo, Iowa and graduated from Colorado College in 1997 with a degree in psychology. She then received her Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Denver in 1999, graduating with honors. She gained a specialty in forensic psychology and independently studied depth psychology and religion. After practicing for a few years, she returned to her first love, horses, and ran a boarding and training facility at her ranchette in Victor, Idaho. Since the birth of their second child, she has been blessed to be a “full-time” mom and homemaker.

The Forths are Biblical Christians who attend the Family Worship Center in Colorado Springs. The kids are avid ice hockey players, three of them playing on competitive travel teams. They share a love of the outdoors, worship music, travel and family-get-togethers.

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