Cameron believes YOU are the key to prosperity and a better future for Colorado Springs. He'll work as YOUR representative to open up opportunities for business, jobs, public discourse, education and healthcare.

Cameron understands that many of our problems stem from a mismanaged government that cannot solve complex social and economic problems - they're solved when caring people invest in their families and community. Local businesses, charities, churches, artist co-ops, veterans groups, senior centers, sports clubs, and service organizations are critical to the health and welfare of our city.

Cameron will fight for our FREEDOM to govern ourselves and community as we see fit and will resist the big-government intrusion that leads only to divisions, poverty, and hopelessness.

Please refer to the following article to learn why Cameron is standing up to the authoritarian elites, both Democrat and establishment Republicans.
"U.N. Agenda 2030: A Recipe for Global Socialism"
from The New American,written by Alex Newman

Cameron Forth in the News
11/6/16: Cameron Forth (R) Runs for Colorado’s 18th State House District - The Catalyst

10/29/16: House District 18 incumbent Pete Lee facing challenge in bid for third term - Colorado Springs Gazette

10/17/16: EDITOR'S DESK: My blatant attempt to influence your vote - Westside Pioneer

9/2/16: Forth, Republican candidate for state D-18, takes on Pioneer questions - Westside Pioneer

9/2/16: D-18 State Rep. Lee refuses to answer Pioneer questions; doesn't say why - Westside Pioneer

8/25/16: Colorado Springs has a new Republican vying for House District 18 seat - Colorado Springs Gazette

8/19/16: The party decides: Inside a House district vacancy committee meeting in Colorado Springs - Colorado Independent

8/14/16: Republican District 18 state representative candidate withdraws; party to seek replacement - Westside Pioneer


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